Mumbai Girl Miss Hetal Bagada won the Title - Miss India Continent-2019

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Bhopal: Miss Shifali from Mangalore 1st Runner-up and Miss Aneshree from South Africa Won the Title Miss India Continent online voting People Choice winner and 2nd Runner-up
The Miss India Continent 2019 Pageant was held in Mumbai Maharashtra in Hotel Mumbai House, Andheri East organized by Dr. Mahesh Yadav of Aman Ghandi film productions. The Pageant theme was Country first and Peace n Amity .

15 contestants were shortlisted for the finale which had 5 rounds all together, 1. Traditional round 2. Talent round 3.western round 4. Evening gown round 5. Question and Answer round. Beauty fights for country first and Amity of India was highlighted in this Beauty Pageant. Senior Actor Mr. Ramesh Goyal and Music DirectorAfroz Khan were Cheif Guests of the event. Swapnil sukhla Miss Asia continent 2019 was Celebrity Guest judge.
Here are the winners of the beauty pageant :- Miss Hetal Bagada of Thane, Maharashtra was the winner of Miss India Continent 2019
Shifali Saldanha of Mangalore, Karnataka won Miss India continent 2019 first runner up and Miss Glory of International 2019 Miss Aneshree Buldeo of South Africa won 2nd runner up Miss India Continent 2019, Miss India Continent-People's choice Winner and India's Glory Award ( Fashion Category) . Miss Bharti Shahu From Bhopal won Miss India Continent ( Central India Region) Miss Sristi Kumari from Mumbai won Miss India Continent North region winner 2019 and Miss India continent bihar 2019 . Miss Onnalin kheawarsawa from Thailand won the title Miss World Continent 2019. Miss Sakshi Rajput from Himanchal Pradesh won the title Miss Teen World Continent 2019.


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