Nichi In Matsuri organized by IL&FS Skills

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New Delhi: New Delhi, 14.01.2018: The Government of India has entered into an agreement with the Government of Japan to send skilled workers from India to work in Japan for upto a period of 5 years. The workers shall work in the capacity of Technical Interns with Japanese companies, undergo technical internship training and earn during their tenure of internship. IL&FS Skills is empaneled sending organization by NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) to send Technical Interns to Japan.

Nichi in Matsuri, an event 'celebrating' Indo-Japan relations in the field of skilling, took place on 14th January, 2019; the programme saw many visitors attending, who were keen to learn more about the Japanese culture and tradition, in addition to the language. For the occasion, the ambience bore the theme 'Japan' that contributed to the motivation and enthusiasm. Students enrolled in the first batch of TITP at IIS, Okhla, were also an integral part of the event. Besides the above, another objective was to encourage visitors to learn more about TITP. The flow of programme, for the day, saw an active participation by students through a Japanese dance, speeches in Japanese language, a chopsticks competition, Dumb Charades, and a group dance. In addition, diverse counselling sessions were also held on the TITP Programme.

Not only did the day saw a lot of fun, but also encouraged many to learn some basic words in Japanese, besides learning the 'art' of using chopsticks; visitors also gained valuable insights

pertaining to the world of job opportunities, post skilling, in Japan ? a country not only known for its rich culture, but also technological advancement. Under TITP, IL&FS Skills identifies skilled workers with at least one year of work experience in the domain of expertise, and trains them in Japanese language and culture (imparted by JLPT certified trainers). The selection criteria of workers for TITP are as per the employer's requirements. Besides the India office that is equipped with Japanese speaking staff, IL&FS Skills has also setup a virtual office in Japan to connect with Supervising Organizations and support technical interns. A single point of contact, a Japanese native, is operating out of the Japan office to interact, support and work with the Supervising Organizations for the smooth implementation of TITP.

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